Eurasia Aikido Organization

Dear friends,

We feel the joy of informing you about our activities and sharing our understanding with you.

Eurasia Aikido is an international organization, founded under the technical direction of Nebi VURAL, with the objective:

  • to develop, manage, and organize the practice and teaching of Aikido,
  • to carry out all kinds of activities to promote Aikido,
  • to organize, manage, and develop cultural activities and exchanges,
  • to give or assign degrees and titles compatible with Aikido,
  • to give each of its members, without making any racial, political, religious, professional or social discrimination, the opportunity to practice, to seek technical improvement as well as physical, mental, and moral development, with the purpose of contributing to harmonious development of individuals.

Eurasia Aikido is based on respect and great importance is attributed to everyone’s freedom in her or his decisions and responsibilities. This is considered as the representation of our opulence and originality.




Kurt Turan VURAL